Another good question, “Should you use beats that come with hooks?” That is a really good question, and I’ll answer that with some of my personal life experience.

When you first start rapping, or even when you’re a little more seasoned, you’re like, “I know I can rap.” You’re very confident in knowing you can lay down a rap verse. However, your confidence gets shaken when it comes to creating a chorus or hook because you know you CAN make a hook, but you’re not AMAZING at it. That’s the hard thing to do.

Rapping can be complicated too, but making really catchy choruses is a whole different monster to tackle. So I used to love getting beats that come with hooks on them. I just had to rap, so it was much easier for me. I felt like I could get away with only recording a verse and not making a hook.

So I’ve been in your shoes before, but in this article, I am going to go over why and why not to use beats that come with hooks.

Why NOT To Use Beats With Hooks

#1: Everyone else will be releasing songs with the same exact hook that you have. No one will really know who that song actually belongs to, and that’s not good. You want to be able to differentiate your unique songs from someone else’s, especially if it has the potential to blow up.

#2: You’re going to start relying on the beats with a hook. I went through a phase where I would only write to beats with hooks. It was a problem solved and weight off my shoulders. Then I realized, “How am I going to get good and develop my style in making choruses and hooks if I only use beats that come with hooks.” Then I started hearing other people’s songs with the same hooks and choruses on them. I started feeling generic. I wanted to stand out and not have the same song as everybody else. I’m sure you’re the same way.

#3: You’re going to run into copyright issues. If someone else uploads a song with that hook and beat to YouTube first, YouTube is going to recognize that song as theirs. Then, every time you upload yours, you’re going to get a copyright strike, have to appeal it, have to send in information to prove that you actually bought the beat, etc. If you didn’t buy the beat, that could be an issue.

Watch the video above for the rest of these valuable tips.

– @Rob_Level