This video has 13,000 views and growing. Inside, it contains a list of things producers need to STOP DOING IMMEDIATELY!

It is affecting their ability to sell more beats to upcoming artists. The worst feeling is making incredible beats and then ruining your chances of getting a sale from it because you make the mistakes in this video. Enjoy! I hope it helps.

I know there are a lot of people who watch my videos who are music producers, so from a rapper who has been through over 100,000 beats and spent 10s of thousands of dollars on beats, I am going to tell you what to look for from the mind of a rapper.

This is Smart Beat Maker, and you’re about to be a smarter producer.

Music producers, please stop tagging your beats so much! I promise it will increase how much money you make. WE KNOW IT’S YOUR BEAT, You think OVER TAGGING IT is going to increase sales. What it’s really going to do is throw off the vibe of any rapper who wants to rap on your beat. I can’t tell if I want to buy your beat if you RUIN the vibe with your tags every 8 seconds. Artists need to turn the beat on, sit there, let it play 16 bars, drink their drink, smoke if they smoke, and vibe with the beat to try to create. How am I supposed to vibe to your producer tag on repeat?

Additionally, when you add your tags, you think it’s sneaky to make your tag UNBEARABLE to hear by cranking the EQ on the high end, but you know what that does? It instantly makes my dick go limp, and my creativity and willingness to work on your beat go right out the window.

Now, I’m not trying to be mean, these are legit concerns that affect me buying your beat or even using it.

Not all music producers do this, but some do and it’s SUPER annoying. Please stop releasing one minute or 1.5-minute versions of your beats. first of all, if someone is going to steal it, they would just loop it 2 or 3 times so that’s not really doing anything for you.

More importantly, if I turn on a beat, I don’t necessarily vibe with it within a minute 30. But if the beat is upwards of 5 minutes… I can leave it on, think of song ideas, do some flows…. and really see if I like the beat. Then, if I really like it, I can hit replay again and get 8 to 10 minutes in total of vibing on your beat.

This increases the chances that want to download it, the chances I make something to it, and chances I give you money for the beat. Think about it Instead of thinking about preventing the download which you cannot control, consider instead that the artists will make songs to your beats and when they promote their song (as long as they credit you) they also promote YOU as well and it drives more traffic to your beat pages.

Tip 3 for any music producer is in the video above.

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