MP3 vs WAV beat leases: This is another fantastic question, “Should I buy .wav files instead of .mp3 when purchasing leases?”

Let’s say you buy a beat for $20. Okay, it takes the tag off. But for an extra $10, you can get the .wav. Well, that could be $10 toward another .mp3 beat, especially if you don’t have much money.

I know how it feels to not be able to spend that $20. You’re like food or beat? Food…or beat?

There’s definitely a difference in the quality of the .wav form. However, if you really care that much about the quality, you should be buying the tracked-out version. Some beatmakers offer them for $60, sometimes for $80. Rarely will it be $100, and even more rarely, they’ll make you buy the exclusive beat for the track out.

With an mp3, you have more than enough quality. The average listener cannot tell the difference between an mp3 and a wav.

Unless the person is a sound engineer or a seasoned music listener for that difference in quality, it’s not going to make a difference at the end of thee day.

If you want that massive quality increase, buy the track out of the beat so you can change the arrangement of the beat. That’s what’s going to give you the real increase in the quality of production overall. The difference between mp3 vs wav beat leases is not large enough for you to spend the extra money on it as a beginning artist.

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– @Rob_Level