“How do I find good low budget producers for my single?”

I see a lot of people thinking they need to invest money into a producer to make them custom beats to make a single and get heard. The truth is, you really don’t need to pay someone to make you beats especially if you’re even using the term ‘Low Budget’ If there is anything I have learned in life it is that you get what you pay for. I hope this doesn’t sound contradictory..

lol contradictory Using beats you find online for FREE is perfectly fine. There are major benefits because you have an unlimited amount of them to choose from and don’t have to bang your head against a piano trying to figure the perfect ONE BEAT when you can find dozens in minutes. Beat makers send me 100s of beats a day everyday.

I also go and I search for beats daily to find the very best ones. It’s like mining for gold. When you hear it, you just know it. If you end up using a song you record, simply spend the $20 on the beat.

If you hire a producer, he is getting the SAME CUT the online beat maker is getting if you release a song and it blows up So why not just get a beat online, make a song, and pay the $20 for a basic lease or $75 for the premium lease and be able to sell 10,000 singles.

Another issue I see with your question is that you are asking about an individual single. You should be creating TONS of singles. The method you are taking to make 1 song is going to take you forever to make a HIT.

– @Rob_Level