6 Ways To Get Your Beats Heard By Millions Of People

This is a strategy video for how to get your beats heard. I want you to think like a marketer with me for a few minutes in this video.

If you want to BOOM, get your music in front of MILLIONS of people, gain TONS of fans instantly, be able to quit your day job and suddenly be a music star or at the least be able to make a living off of your music… well If we want THAT MANY people to hear our music at once, that means we have to get the music somewhere where there is already millions of people right? Lets go over a few ways that could possibly happen really quick.

First I want to let you know that this is something you can seed in your mind and keep in mind for the rest of your career so you are ALWAYS on the lookout for these opportunities or you are building towards them.

Anyone can get these placements with the right buzz, relationships and music. PERIOD. You just have to be looking for these opportunities I wanted to mention all of these places because, well… maybe you were thinking on the very bottom level, wondering how to get 100s or thousands of people at a time to listen.

With this bigger mindset and idea, you can start working towards getting your song into one of these places. When I first making music and was releasing projects I was never thinking,

Damn, I should get my song into a commercial or into a movie. First off you would make around $20,000 to $50,000 for getting your song there and THEN you would also gain the fans from it. Just by thinking like this, now you will be looking for these opportunities. Submit your best songs to companies who place songs in movies, Did you ever consider this?

Make money in the movie industry with your beats

There are a lot of companies that only make money from placing songs in movies, they get their cut and you get your cut. Give this a try! Start building your relationships with people who choose the music for movies, you never know where this might get you. Then, start making a list of HUGE websites that could possibly do a write up on you or even use YOUR song as a “Theme song” to something going on the world today.

They can write an article and you can recommend your song be the theme song for THAT.

Go out there and make a list of TOP influencers or even people with just 100,000 followers and start commenting and trying to get them to notice you exist. Compliment them every time they post a photo THEN DM them in a few months. Tell them you have a song you think they might like and you’d even pay them to post about it.

Tell them you just want a video of them jamming out to your song saying I like this song go check this guy out. This is more organic than a post on their page of your music video. Its about thinking outside the box.

Don’t think small, THINK BIG and make BIG MOVES. You got this! And as everyone knows, I teach a word every day on this channel. That way, you can increase your vocabulary for your songwriting. Please subscribe to learn a new word everyday and get smarter You know what time it is.

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