I want to show every producer out there this strategy I found that seems kinda smart. I’ve seen this in funnels, but I’ve never seen this on a page.

This producer is selling beats for $50, which is fairly common. But he has a deal going that’s “Buy 1 Get 9 Free”.

This Is Why It’s Smart.

Look at how much money he spent on ads. It’s 89.5k plays on this. I found his page through an ad, by the way. Artists are seeing “Buy 1 Get 9 Free.” That’s really smart. That makes me want to go to his page because I’m getting ten beats for the price of one beat.

This is going to make an upcoming artist want to spend the money. That’s a MASSIVE deal. Usually, you see “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” or “Buy 1 Get 3 Free”. That number being 9 on the end makes the deal undeniable.

Now, in order to do this kind of deal, you HAVE TO have a surplus of beats. For him, it makes sense. He’s clearly making money. He has 4M plays and 105.4k followers. Now, just because you don’t have this many followers or plays does not mean you can’t do this.

You can do this exact same thing, which is why I’m showing it to you guys. You use it on the ad inside of the name, and people are going to click that. I clicked it. Think about that. If I clicked it, every other rapper is going to click that, and the chances of you selling these beats are a lot higher.

The Downside

The downside to this is if somebody doesn’t know which 10 of your beats they want, or if they’re overwhelmed by having to make songs to 10 different beats of yours, they might be discouraged to do all of that.

Before I would spend any money buying his beat, I feel like I have to find 10 songs that I even want to make. That’s where it becomes an issue. Now that I see that, I would advise you to try “Buy 1 Get 5 Free” or “Buy 1 Get 6 Free”. 


You can set up your system for them to buy 1 and get 10 random ones, or allow the system to not require them to get nine.

Perhaps they can buy 1 and get UP TO nine free. Then, it’s their choice. If the discount is only provided after they have all 10 beats in their cart, that’s an issue.

If you can set your discount deal up to where in your bulk deal, it’ll say “Buy 1 Get 2-9 Free” and the discount is automatically applied to their checkout.

(W)Rapping Up

Think about that next time you want to put beats up. Buy 1 Get 5 Free. Buy 1 Get 9 Free. Run the ad with the deal inside of the name like this.

And see how that works for you. This got me to this guy’s page, and now I’m going through his beats. For me, it’s not about saving money. I want to see if he has 10 beats that are even worth it.

If you have 10 fire ass beats, you need to be doing this. Additionally, if you have only 10 beats on your page, say “Buy 1 Get ALL OF MY BEATS”. It may seem like you’re depreciating your beats and the value or quality of your beats, but that’s not what matters.

If this producer drove 89.5k people to his beats, how many of those people bought one beat and then got the rest of those beats in the deal? It’s all about that initial purchase. If you don’t get that purchase right out the gate, you might never get that purchase. You really gotta consider that.

I wanted to show you Smart Beat Makers this because I think this was a very smart move on his part. You don’t have to have all of these followers. Just run this ad with that in the name, and people will click on it. That’s what made me click on it.

Keep hustlin’. I’ll see you at the top.

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