1. Money Won’t Come For A While

You won’t make BIG money as a producer for the first few years. First, you’ll invest thousands and thousands of dollars into your branding, music equipment, and beat marketing. It’s like any business that’s a startup.

But like any business, you’ll grow A LOT faster if you have a mentor to teach you how to make money and grow your business. All you need is someone like me to show you how all of this works.

Every dollar you invest into your business should make you back $2 or more. You can do that if you’re smart. Money is the fuel to grow a business. Every dollar you spend will grow you faster and faster, but you have to know where to spend that money. Don’t worry though, I can show you everything.

Our courses will take you from any point you are at now to the place you want to be. Remember, it takes money to make money.

2. You’ll Never Be Satisfied

Nothing will ever seem significant after you already reach a certain level. If you get a million views on a beat, or your song charts, you’ll forever be unsatisfied and upset if your next one doesn’t do better.

And if it does do better, now you have an even higher bar set that never gets lower and lower. The only thing that gets lower is your self esteem as you don’t hit those benchmarks. Trust me.

But really those bench marks mean absolutely nothing and that’s what’s messed up. But it’s our nature to always want to do more and do better and better. 

3. People Still Won’t Believe

No one will ever think it is a real career until you are famous. Not just making money, but actually so well known that they know who you are when you say your producer name. 

4. Flexing Makes You Less Flexible

You’ll spend most of your money just trying to seem successful in order to make people take you seriously as a music producer. And this is why 99% of rappers and producers go broke.

So when you are reading this, please take note that you should really try to AVOID THIS and spend all of your money you make from beat sales on ads and marketing ideas to sell more beats.

5. You’ll Never Trust Anyone When You Make It

You will never be able to tell who your true friends are. One wrong comment out of someone’s mouth and you’ll go from thinking they are your best friend of 4 months to thinking they are using you, all because they said 1 sentence that set off your ‘Gold Digger’ radar.

And you can never turn it off because you’re always paranoid and self conscious that no one actually likes you for you, because the world never treated you good or nice until you had the fame. So you are forever in a defensive state scanning even the closest to you for signs that they aren’t truly there for only you.

Even friends who have been around a long time might eventually have a switch in mindset to understanding and seeing all of the power attributed to being friends with you. Then they might start trying to use it because they feel so comfortable with you. But that will set off your radar and you’ll go from feeling like they are amazing to feeling like they were always using you. It’s the worst. Trust me.

6. Relationships With Women Will Never Be The Same

If you want to date a girl (or guy) anytime in your life from the moment of choosing a music career forward, her parents will instantly judge you and won’t like you because:

  1. you’re a person in the music industry; and
  2. you didn’t take the ‘Normal’ route that they always had in mind for their daughter’s partner. 

7. Label Deals Will Eat All Your Money

If you do a label deal and blow up, you’ll be broke for a long time and they’ll be getting paid from whatever you do for the rest of your career 

8. You’re Only As Good As Your Last Hit

This fact about being a music producer is very useful information. You’re only as good as your last song, so you better have tons of songs backed up with tons of current big name artists.

9. Leeches Are Going To Annoy TF Out Of You

Everybody will want to show you their music in hopes of leeching off of all your hard work. Learn how to end these conversations with these people in the streets fast. Or else you’ll spend a lot of energy with people stealing your time.

10. Every Producer Will Think They Are Better

Everyone will think they are a better producer than you even if they are complete garbage because they have no idea what its like to be a REAL PRODUCER. They are also jealous so they want to pretend they could have chased the music dream and made it. When really they never had the balls or talent to do anything with their life. 

11. You Can NEVER Go Back

If you make it on and get any amount of fame or fans, your ego will never let you go back to working a day job for someone else. So once you start making that dream a reality, you better keep working so you never have to go back.