#1. You Need A Ton Of Money To Blow Up

You might not have money but you have something more important than money, your time combined with your passion for promoting yourself. 

I always ask artists and music producers, “If i gave you $20,000 right now, what would you do with it?” 

You’re better off learning what music marketing works while you’re broke so that when you finally start to make it you know which strategies work for your brand so you can make every single marketing dollar work like it is 100 marketing dollars. 

This is why I have created the best music marketing guides that exist. With ideas from free to paid on every level and every budget. 

#2. You Will Magically Get Discovered

I always laugh and love telling people this story I’m about to tell you. When I first moved to LA I went to Starbucks and I sat down next to this really cute girl. I sparked up a conversation and I found out that she had been in town 4 days. But she was super upset. You’ll never guess why!

Apparently, it had already been a whole 4 days and she was super upset and distraught that no one had noticed her talent yet and signed her. She talked about how she heard that you’ll magically get discovered just by coming to LA.

Isn’t that hysterical? This is a REAL STORY! Some people actually think this is how it happens. Most people aren’t stupid enough to think it happens in 4 days, but they think they’ll magically get discovered at some point. Unfortunately for them, it’s just not true.

Sorry NOT sorry.

People wait and wait and wait and never make it because they are waiting for someone else to find them instead of finding the success for themselves. 

#3. Getting Signed Will Help Your Career

Because of how it has all changed, labels just throw 10 grand at any producer if they are decent. If the label doesn’t make their money back they just write it off on taxes as a loss.

No harm to them. But it is definitely a harm to you.

With enough failed producers and artists for the label they’ll end up paying NO taxes by the time the year is over. 

Don’t be one of those producers.

#4. One song alone can blow you up

One song isn’t enough. It takes the song and the marketing to get it heard. You need both. And after 1 song, you need another, then another, then another, then another to consistently stay relevant.

The moment you STOP, is the moment it is all over for you. You climbing back to the top is nearly impossible. So climb high, and stay high.

One song will get your name known, but then you have to solidify your name. You need at least 3 hits to really be ‘THE MAN’. So you better get to work!

#5. Producers Blow Up Overnight

Usually it takes at LEAST 6 years of seriously dedicated work towards a music career. For some people it takes even longer.

The most important thing is to keep pushing forward and never stop believing in yourself. That work you put in every single day, every single week, every single month of every single year, all adds up to your empire.

Every time you work you are planting seeds and eventually you will have a beautiful forest full of money trees for you to be picking those hundred dollar bills off of.