#1. Producers + Rap Music

No matter what topic matter a rapper uses to rap on your beats, 99% of people look at rap music and see the same things.

#2. We Are Stupid + Uneducated

People think that music producers are uneducated because it is a job you can easily do without any kind of college degree. The same people with a college degree could never harness the creativity levels it takes to make amazing music. Because creativity and having a good ear that can make hit songs is way harder to get good at than reading books, taking tests and getting a college degree you never even use.  

#3. We Need + Use Drugs To Create Our Art

That we smoke a lot of weed or do other drugs in order to be creative enough to make our beats.

#4. We Support The Things Laid Over Our Beats

People think that we promote hatred and violence because we make beats for rappers. That’s just not true. Plus, rap music is really just us talking about our environments we grew up in because of their ignorance.

#5. We Are Women Users

Because we are directly affiliated with rappers and music superstars, people assume that we are womanizers. Really, that depends on the man, not the music.

#6. We Waste Our Money On Jewelry + Cars

People think that we get a little money and we waste it, it’s just not true. It really depends on the person.

(W)rapping Up

 Don’t let other people’s lies leak onto your confidence and slow you down. You are your own person. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what other people think about us. What matters is that we keep working and we outshine everyone who is trying to dull our shine and talents.

Don’t let the haters even breathe your air. Keep hustlin’