The Biggest Beat Trends Of 2023: Ride The Wave To More Hit Beats


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Ever heard someone say your beats sound “dated” or not “current?”

Wondering why YOUR beats keep getting passed over while other, less talented beat makers are drowning in sales?

Rappers and singers want HITS. That means having a cutting edge sound – one that sounds like it could be played alongside whatever Drake, Future, and other mainstream people are doing right now.

As you know, beat making covers arrangement AND sound choice. If you’re still making beats that sound like the 90’s, it’s no wonder you aren’t getting sales! Even if your beats aren’t using old trends, you could still be lacking the edge you need to really compete in this space. You have to be a detective, sniffing out what’s hot and using it in your own beats with your own style.

This course takes you on a tour through TWO SUPER important things YOU need to be on the watch for right now: what’s popping off in current beats, and what you need to retire from your catalog to stay relevant and current in modern music.

Taught by veteran beat maker, AG Da Genius Child, who has placements with Kevin Gates, Iman Shupert, + Anaya Perry.

This INFORMATIVE Course Takes You Through:


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