Easy Ways To Make Hit Loops: Simple + Fast Dope Loops


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Ever wondered how beat makers and producers get those super interesting sounding loops? Where you can’t really place what the effects are, but you know it slaps?

That beat maker is gonna be YOU – after you take this course.

These days, the use of distortion and other effects on beat elements is NECESSARY – not optional. Leaving them out is a surefire way to have a basic, amateur beat. You don’t want that!

This free bonus, normally $38, gives you the keys to a move used by producers and beat makers at the very top to make THEIR loops sound original and to build unique beats that you CAN’T get out of your head.

Use this to make your songs sound more expensive, interesting, creative, and vibey. You need the extra edge to push your songs into popularity!

A Step-By-Step Course Will Give You Valuable Skills:

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