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Want to have a viral hit song? The beat is KEY. SERIOUSLY.

These days, hit songs and big tastemakers move in trends that, like it or not, dictate what popular music sounds like!

You need to find your place in the modern music scene.

If your music still sounds like Eminem in the 2000’s, you’re going to have a hard time breaking into the current scene.

Let us help by taking you on an insider’s tour of all the major beat makers and artists.
Learn EXACTLY what they are doing – and how you can do the exact same thing with just a few easy steps.

Plus, get advice, tricks, and suggestions for using these trends while staying true to yourself as an artist.

We also go deeper in helping perfect your sound by breaking down the No-No’s in beats these days.

Recognize, identify, and STOP using parts of beats you’re using that are old and causing your songs to sound amateur or lame.

Remember: most people are just a few elements away from finding their signature sound. This course could be your breakthrough!

A BRILLIANT Course That Will Show You: