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Tired of being invisible on YouTube?

Ever wondered how to come up first in a search on YouTube? How about showing up in a search…at all?

We know you’ve had that moment where someone types in your track name and it literally can’t be found on YouTube because it’s buried under millions of other videos.

That’s super embarrassing and shouldn’t be happening to you, ever…It’s honestly an issue and can become a major problem for you AND for the people trying to find or buy your beats.

It’s not fair, but there’s a certain system that YouTube created to decide which videos show up first. All you have to do to show up in searches is understand that system and use their rules.

These rules can actually be used to rack up MILLIONS of views on your beats on YouTube – meaning bigger payouts for you.

It’s a simple but valuable skill that allows your tracks to get seen and heard more. That means more beat sales, collabs, and streaming dollars.

Dominate YouTube and cash out!

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