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How To Make Money Every Time Artists Go Through Your Beats


It’s time to expand your mind – and your income – with a few outside the box ideas to maximize the money you’re earning off your beats.

We’ll show you how to monetize your beats on multiple platforms so that you’re earning money while people listen to your stuff.

Think about it: you’re probably leaving money on the table, and you don’t need to be doing that anymore.

This bonus is going to get you set up in tons of new ways to get yourself maxing the money you’re getting off those plays.

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How To Always Find Time To Make Beats

Struggling to find time to lay down tracks?

Good at starting projects but never seem to be able to finish anything?

This is a problem millions of people face – and it deeply affects long term success.

You need to get yourself prepped and professional when it comes to how you spend your time.

Let us show you how to change your mindset and approach to the most valuable asset you have: your time.

Time is a finite resource – you’ll never have more of it. Learn to maximize your efficiency through easy time management guidelines, tips, and strategies.

You’ll be shocked by what you can accomplish once you start following our lead. More importantly, these are all skills that successful people use daily.

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Don’t waste another second!

A Step-By-Step, Comprehensive Tutorial Course That Will Help You:

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Every Music Industry Contract Template You'll Need For Your Entire Career

As you find more success with your beats in the industry, life is going to become more complicated. This is natural because you’re becoming more valuable – and so is your work.

When you’re someone who has more value that means you have more to PROTECT.

Oftentimes in the industry, your money will be tied to deals – and the contracts you sign in connection with those deals.

You’ll need to be prepared and ready to make sure no one is ripping you off from earnings or using your work without paying for it.

Take our collection of over 150 contracts NOW to protect you from everything you’ll be facing in the future.

This comprehensive contract collection covers a variety of situations you’ll find yourself facing.

Be prepared for everything at the drop of a hat – all included in this bonus!

A Large Collection of Music Industry Contracts That Will Help You:

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How To Start A Company To Write Everything Off On Taxes


This quick and easy course breaks down the process you need to start your own LLC. Owning a business means you can write a TON off on taxes.

This kind of education can be the difference between you being broke or being able to afford a house next year.

Rich, business educated people are taught this stuff – but the average person is NOT.

That means you’re getting left out of a lot of perks and privileges you deserve to enjoy just like other successful people do.

You don’t need to be rich to save money on taxes. You just have to know what to do.

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YouTube Beat Beast: Secret Tools To Get 10x The Views + Sales On Your YouTube Beats

Even if you currently use YouTube to sell your beats, we know you’re not using these little tricks that end up making all the difference.

YouTube has hidden tools to help you retain viewers and keep them on your channel. That means more streams, more exposure, and more money for you – not only through increased beat sales, but through YouTube’s content creator payouts.

Your videos earn money because YouTube runs ads on them. You get a cut of that money.

Trust us – those views add up, and getting a check from YouTube every month in addition to selling more beats is a win-win for any beat maker.

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